Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday Night with Henry

Matt's a big fan of Henry Rollins since Black Flag days. I became aware of Henry in Rollins Band days, but don't really consider myself to be a fan. He's ok. Most times I think he's a cornball who likes to hear himself talk and occasionally makes really good points. Good points, I am a big fan of.
Friday night was about our 3rd, maybe 4th Henry spoken word show.
Here are a few highlights:

1. "What I don't remember, I just make up. Impressive none-the-less, right?" --Diamond David Lee Roth
2. We were standing at the bar with a running tab and listening, and this fella came up next to us and asked, "What's your cheapest well whiskey on the rocks?" $4.50/4.75 He ordered one and left. I leaned over to Matt and said, "He's on a hard budget." About 15mins later the same fella came back and asked, "What's your cheapest whiskey on the rocks?" DIDN'T YOU JUST ORDER ONE?!? He gets the same answer as he did 15mins ago and says, "OK, what's your cheapest beer?" Eyes roll.
3. Right next to where that guy kept ordering cheap drinks was a fella with a ski hat on that kept snorting during the entire show. He sounded like a pig. Either coke nose, a sinus infection, or an itchy throat. Whatever it was it was annoying as hell.
4. Henry was telling a story about Burma and asked why the most oppressed people are so soft spoken and nice. My answer to him is: Because they're oppressed and beaten down....and I would think a world traveler would kinda pick up on that.
5. A new way to say "take a piss" when you're out in the wild - "Put the biologic to the tree."
6. Henry went to the killing fields in Vietnam and was commenting on the war and said something about there having been a war on the intellectual there and how that wouldn't happen here. I disagree - let's not forget the witch trials. America is still a young country compared to the rest of the world and there are plenty of phases she hasn't gone through yet.
6. It bugged me a little bit when Henry was telling stories about going to the middle east and gaining more knowledge of other cultures by traveling. The stories he told of going over there were fascinating - the people he met there were interesting and he asked them really good questions about life there. Later, he told us a story about doing a show where he went down to New Orleans to interview Katrina survivors. I was completely disappointed when one of his questions, to a fella who'd been flooded out of his house, jumped in his fishing boat, and boated to his buddy's house, where his friend was stuck up on his roof was, "Why did you go back and pick your friend up?" Seriously....?

After the show we went to Virgin Mega Store and I bought these books cuz they entertained me:
1. Goodnight Bush - An Unauthorized Parody by Erich Origen & Gan Golan. This was particularly hysterical to me because Goodnight Moon was my favorite book as a bitty kid. And I loathe W.
2. 30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow by Steve Niles and Bill Sienkiewicz
3. All About Us - A Question Book for Couples by Philip Keel. Thought it would be fun for me and Matt to fill in every once in a while. If we could only decide who gets to be A: and who gets to be B:.
4. Movie Icons: Dean by FX Feeney. This one is a mini coffee table book of James Dean photos, quotes, and nuggets of trivia. Its beautiful and I love him.
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