Tuesday, September 24, 2013

YouTubesday!! Tommy Edison!!

For the past year, here's my favorite blind guy on YouTube: 

He has this channel called Blind Film Critic.
That's where you can find him on Twitter and Instagram as well.
And there's also Tommy Edison XP where he talks about his experiences, takes on challenges, and answers questions from the comments section.

The guy is fuckin' adorable and he gives a super interesting perspective on life from his point of view (haha...view).
He held an AMA on Reddit last week that I'd mentioned on Facebook and as happy as I was that one of my questions got answered, it would've been nice if it hadn't been the douchey one that was 3rd in line on this list:
But hey, at least it was answered & didn't surprise anyone at all.
YAY, small victories!!

Anyway, check him out & his producer buddy, Ben Churchill - they're awesome and I'd like to give them hugs & buy them a beer someday.
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