Friday, September 13, 2013


BOOM!!* that you've seen it...
Here are some fun things to look for whenever you go back to watch it again, like we all know you will:
  • At the beginning, we have 2 cameras, so you're getting what Trina's seeing inside the obstacle course while Johnny's outside filming. This only happened at the beginning of the event, while we were still somewhat sober.
  • Trina on the hop-n-bop is similarly captured and while we were still somewhat sober.
  • A lot of what you're seeing throughout is timed with the lyrics you're hearing.  Example: When Chrystal's got the whipped's not on accident that you were also hearing the words "milky way".
  • When you see StayPuft dancing to "Party Hard", it looks like Johnny (Steve Irwin to the right) puppets the echoing "Party Hard" and it makes me laugh every time.
  • All the pics included at the end were ones you guys posted on the event page. Thank you for those!
I might have enough footage of everyone looking at the camera to see if "it's on?" to make a montage of just that. Stay tuned, maybe.

PS. I don't wanna hear any bitching about how they look fat or bald or wasted or ridiculous.* We're being captured in our natural environment, not posing for Olan Mills.  Believe me, there's way worse I could've included in here. You're welcome very much.

*Yep, I said it.
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