Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stuff Lately

Just got sucked into Sons of Anarchy.  Currently chewing on season 3.

I'm also utterly addicted to SkyRim (for months now).  I'm currently a level 20 High Elf Mage that's just turned vampire (by accident).  Not sure how to cure it since vampirism is a disease.  I thought it'd be fun, but being a vampire is kind of a pain in the ass and if you don't feed on a sleeping people in the middle of the night, you become blood starved and can't go into towns without an angry mob running you down.

Been painting this for this charity auction.  Not done with it yet.  Soon, though.

Been painting this as an exercise in oils.  Also as a "Suck It" to Jerm who was giving me some 'paint by numbers' smack talk.  This thing's been in the closet for years and I remembered it being there when Jerm brought it up.  Once done, I told him I'd frame it and he could have it.  Just for being a jerk. ;)

-Completely unrelated-
This text message exchange with Willie made me laugh recently.
Me: What's the farts[backspace]...eats?
Willie: Quesadillas. Vote for Pedro.  You?
Me: Rib-turd[backspace]...eyes and green beans.  Or Flats.

Since we're on the subject, every time I try to text, "What are you guys up to?" it always does this first:
Me: What are you tits[backspace]...guys up to?

Currently reading:
And this
And the front page article about Breaking Bad.  Would love to hang out with Cranston for an afternoon.

In dance class, we've learned two new steps for Tango and Waltz.  They have some silly fancy name but they're some nice footworky moves.  Makes it kinda look like we know what we're doing.  Its been over a year since I've had a pedicure but when I think to go in, I also remember how badly my toes get torn up from dancin'.  Seems a lost cause.

In Fat Saga news: I've been holding steady at -8lbs.  My eating habits are still going well but the occasional wrench gets thrown in from time to time.  Gym soreness is still awesome.  Been going twice a week.  Lame, I know.  Will light a fire to get in there more often....maybe.
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