Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jerm's Paint-by-Numbers: Complete

That was fun.  Made me REALLY like working with oils.  I feel a phase coming on.

Here she is:

I ended up tossing the instruction book out and mixing my own colors after I got the hang of how the paint moved around and stuff.  It really is easier to manipulate oils, whereas acrylics just dry so damn fast, you really can't move them around much unless you've got a fat medium mixed in.
I just noticed that in Van Gogh's original "Cafe Terrace At Night", there's no little dude on the right.  But there he/she is.  Was there on the base layer when you get started on it, too.  I didn't just add it in.
I thought it looked like a nun.
I did add a little alley ghost up there next to the dude hangin' out in the hallway towards the center of the image.
My stars are messy, but overall I like the way it turned out and the experimenting it allowed.

I hope Jerm likes it.  He's a tough critic.
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