Thursday, August 23, 2012


I just watched this movie the other night via Netflix.
I gotta say, I was very pleasantly surprised.
It takes about the first 15-20 minutes to really warm up, but once you start paying attention, it really pays off.
I mention the warm up part, because while watching, I was like, "Oh, this is just a dumb SyFy Original lookin' flick that I can fall asleep to."  Then I started to notice all the contrasting colors in the hospital and the interesting lighting and was hooked.

Plot: Some dumbass kids get into an accident or something (I wasn't really paying attention at the beginning, as previously mentioned) and they get carted off to a local hospital to get checked out but they seem to be the only patients there.  Horror ensues.

I recognized 2 folks right away - Robert Patrick (shown here):
And that tattooed guy from Nip/Tuck and some other shows/movies where a tattooed gangsta lookin' guy is called for (shown here):

There are a few uncomfortable & really well done scenes and some great gore effects.
And a girl gets punched in the face (which made me applaud from my comfy bed).

Matthew and I used to go to these HorrorFest; 8 Films To Die For shows when they first started up.  We stopped when the movies ended up not being worth the money so we missed the 2009 flicks.  If we'd have gone to this one, I think Autopsy would've turned me around.

Was super fun and there were a few scenes in this movie that I've never seen on screen before and it had a nice ending.


I give Autopsy 5 out of 5 spinal taps.
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