Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things Abbey Said Last Weekend

While rough-housing in the pool-
Abbey:  "Mom!!  Aunt Karen is trying to drown me!"*

Abbey: "Ow, Mom!! Aunt Karen bit me!"*

Abbey to Matt: "What's that?" and points to Matt's nipple ring.
Matt: "Its magical."
Abbey: "Will it bring Santa?"

Abbey, with sad puppydog eyes looking up at Matt after the cat scratched her for trying to pick him up**: "You should get him declawed"***......and then, without a change in her face, she busted giant ass.

*Both incidents were provoked and justified.
Our family might play rough, but we also play fair.
She has evil dropkick heels and superpinch fingers that I'm very proud of her for.
She's still trying to figure out how to lobsterclaw toe pinch.
**Snoop don't play.
***He only has his hind claws to begin with.
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