Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1000 Places To See

My mom got us this book a few years back.

I just went through it the other day with a highlighter and a pen and marked all the ones we've been to already.
Out of 1000.....I'm going to say maybe 970 entries are actual places.  The remaining are "local eateries" or "art scene" or "music scene" or "romantic hotels" type entries that cover a handful of places.
Out of those 970, I have about 70 of those highlighted as places we've been to.  Either one or the other or both of us.

Region not even touched: Great Plains
All the other regions are pretty evenly spread with us living in the southeast and traveling up the east coast pretty frequently.  Also, with the inlaws in the mid & southwest.  Recent trips to Alaska and Hawaii kinda round things out, too.

I also think we need one that covers the world....not just the States and Canadia.

Which reminds me.....
Also a few years ago, I bought a wall sized map so we could pin it with our adventures/places we've been to.
Matt's parents have one that I've always loved looking at and I wanted to do one just for us.
So I have the map, but still need to find a big cork board to mount it on and start pinning.
Sounds like a good weekend project, no?

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