Monday, April 2, 2012


This is my 6 (almost 7) year old cousin, Abbey.
She's obviously a shit ton of fun, but for whatever reasons, we don't see her that often.
We saw her this past weekend, but I think the last time I saw her was in September?...when they stopped by to see our deck that her dad was working on.  Until I stopped to think about it, it really didn't seem like it had been that long.
That time, she came upstairs to my lair and started pokin' around.  She disappeared behind the closet curtain and reappeared with a fake plastic chainsaw and a huge grin.
She also saw this print that I have in the hallway, and when we were sitting downstairs chatting, she tells me, "I like that picture of the girl with the lollipops."

Anyway, back to this recent visit.
We got monster hugs before we could even put down the things we brought and then she ran off to show Matt her tennisballyellow shoes (he has a pair of these that he wore at her request).
After visiting for a bit, she disappeared and reappeared holding a box.
This box was full of game.
My eyes lit up after reading "Memory" on the lid.
Memory was one of my freakin' favorites, too.  I even have a memory game on my ipad.
This Memory game took up the entire table.
Everyone said I would lose.  They said that she stacks them up and you get either one match or none.
I think I racked up a whopping 7, maybe 8 matches.
Abbey's a little shifty though - you gotta watch her.  She doesn't like showing the 2nd card she flips and will put them back down in different spots.
I told her she should always say, "IN YOUR FACE!" when she wins whatever she's playing.
Later on & just after dinner, she sat on my lap and made up a game using the napkin rings that were on the table.  She was playing with my mom, sitting next to me, when mom said, "HA!  I win!" and I said, "Mom, what do you say when you win?"
Mom shouted, "IN YOUR FACE!"
Shortly after that Abbey won her made up napkin ring game and there was more shouting and then she looked at me with big blue eyes, giggled, farted* on my leg (three times, she'll tell you), and then hid under the table.

Later, from the living room, she grabs my hand and says, "Come here.  I want to show you something."  We go to the computer where she pulls up some Barbie Game page where one of the games is like a babysitting thing and there's a little girl you have to navigate through a Barbie Dream House with obstacles and the object is to get her to the toilet before she pisses herself.  Once she's on the toilet, she makes a face, you hear a noise, and when she gets off the toilet, you see yellow water and a floating turd get flushed.
Here - if you don't believe me, go ahead and see for yourself.

Abbey's coming over this weekend to go swimming.  I'm sure there will be more similarly entertaining stories to share.
*farts are called "boom-boom"s in their house, apparently.  doesn't exactly roll off the tongue & "farts" is funner to say.
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