Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Went To Hawaii Pt. 2.

After our stargazing at LAX, we received umbrella drinks when we got to our seats on the plane.
Matthew took a nap.
I caught up on Justified season 2.

At the Honolulu airport, I was smacked in the face by a flowery smell that reminded me of when I was 10 on a family hawaii trip.  It was a flower that was in the leis that folks were being welcomed with.
I kept walking behind them with my nose in the air huffing their flowers.
If you can tell me what this is, I'll find one to plant at home so I can huff it all the time.  I think its a jasmine or something.

We got the Jeep rental with a peppering of bickering while trying to map our destination, but we met up with our Party at this place to pick up some grub to make us less cranky.
Once back at the accommodations, we poked around the house, made up our beds, vowed to not turn on the tv during our stay, cracked open some brews, and munched on our take out foods.
I believe shortly after that, we sat on the back porch listening to the breeze & finished our beers before we called it a night.

The next morning, we woke up to coffee and this view:
After bagels and some general milling about, the boys decided it was time to go to Sandy's for some skimming & sunning.
 Me & Steph (look how white I am.)

 Flags mark the 'dangerous shore breaks'

 Random hot guy.

Random hot guy's dog.


 Exploring the lava rocks & tidal pools.

 Difficult to see, but there's a sea urchin hiding in there.



 Lifeguard talking to a random film crew.

Random actors being filmed.
We all discussed our theories on what they were shooting.
I believe we settled on 'Brazilian Porn'.
After we hung out there for a bit, we headed back to the house to chill by the pool & hot tub.
There were some fishing poles in the Fun Shed and I tried my luck sittin' on the dock of the bay.
The girls came down to join me and while we were chatting, a giant puffer fish swam up & was trollin' the nearby rocks.
For sunset, we drove out to this place with a bag full of beer and hung out.

 The Sunset Party.

Here's what my first-day-of-vacation sunburn looked like at the end of the day.
Wasn't even the worst burn I've ever had but it sure did get a lot of attention over the course of the following days.  Apparently people don't ever see sunburns anymore.  Certainly not in Hawaii.  Buncha friggin' weirdos.
Don't fret, pets - I'm completely white again.

We finished off the day with cocktails and 90s Trivial Pursuit.
Girls vs Guys...and the guys won.  Cuz they're older than us.
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