Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Discovery of Witches

OMG.  I finished this fucking book today.
About 6 or 7 months ago, my mom was all "this is the greatest book EVAR" and it took me like 5months to get about a third of the way in.
While we were in Hawaii, I made a damn good dent in the story and wrapped it up today while sitting on the toittie.

It started off pretty cool, setting the tone, all dark and moody and Oxfordy.
Its a witch who meets a vampire in Oxford.  There are also daemons.  They're all scholarly and ivy league and shit.
And they live among the boring ass humans no one ever wants to talk about in these stories.
You get to know the main witchy lady who pretends like she's not some all powerful witch.
And she meets some ancient ass french Dr. Vampire whose BFF is a non-political political gay Scottish daemon.
French Dr. Vampire is also a vintner.
He and Oxford Witch fall in love and then there's a shit storm and some time travel.
I'd hardly call it the best book EVAR, but it was pretty entertaining after the stupid crap.
And I don't mean the sappy shit.  The sappy shit was fine.
It was the scholarly witchy witch finding a hidden drawer in her old ass Dr. Vampire's desk and wondering why he'd keep "basic office supplies" in a hidden drawer that pissed me off the most.
There was also her fake bowing up on some random ancient vampire foe, saying "....and if he bothers me again..."....what!?  what, exactly will your dumb inexperienced ass do?!

The only plot mistake I noticed was around the beginning when Diana, the witch, throws her bag in a cubby at the library and then just seconds/minutes later has that same bag with her at study desk/table.
The grammatical errors/typos aren't nearly as bad as Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan/Hollows series.
Of which, Perfect Blood came in the other day and I'm 3 pages in on.
I should probably go ahead and get my red pen out.

The Discovery of Witches/All Souls trilogy continues with Shadow of Night coming out this summer and movie rights have been bought up already.
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