Monday, November 29, 2010

Is This Thing On?

Holy crap - the past few weeks have friggin' flown by.
The Boston trip was a friggin' BLAST and not only have I not given you the breakdown here, but pictures haven't even been posted yet.
I promise to make it up to you.

I've been so busy getting ready for both Thanksgiving with the in-laws coming into town and this (sorry, couldn't get a bigger version of the flyer):

Our first show!!
We're part of the "AND MORE" listed on the I guess one of my life goals is only being half fulfilled.
Someday my name will be listed.
On facebook (and in the newspaper) it says, "The Stephensons" which makes me laugh.
We're still deciding on the number of pieces we're entering but we're doing those painted skulls...all superhero/villiany style.
Matt had a head start on them since it was an idea he'd already had when we first started painting those skulls. His have been done for a while.
Mine are still in progress and need to be done by tomorrow night for hanging on Wednesday.
As soon as they're done and on the day of the show, I'll post pictures here for your viewing enjoyment.

I'm a little nervous about this since its something I've always kinda dreamed of & am worried about how my stuff will look next to so much awesomeness....
But whatever...Eff that Ess.
Who ever is reading this and is in town, YOU SHOULD COME DOWN TO TASTE IN COLLEGE PARK ON FRIDAY NIGHT & help me drink away my nerves & come see some cool shit & meet some cool people.
It'll be fun!!
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