Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sincerest Apologies & Other News

Holy crap....I really haven't been on here for a while, huh??
Thank you, Kayla for calling me out recently.

So, my apology is two fold....
1. For not posting here in a while because we've been super busy and I just haven't felt like sitting down and writing anything.
2. For not finishing out my feetzblog for Halloween. I did just post the remaining photos I had on the camera, so those are there for your viewing enjoyment. The other ideas I had, I might wait until next year to do.

I learned a few things during that project.

1. Make a list ahead of time of your ideas to carry out the month. I thought I could do this on a whim and, for the most part, that's how it worked out.....but towards the end of the month, I started to run out of ideas, ambition, and time.
2. People really do check this crap out.
3. Its a really fun challenge and, maybe, in the future, I'll have the balls to put the rest of me in these photos instead of just my feet. But hey....y'gotta start somewhere right??
4. My camera and I are closer now. Bonding with your camera and experimenting leads to really cool shots....and some mistakes. But that's all about learning as you go.

I also had 2 more movies slated to review, but after look at them and getting some shit from Matthew about how long & wordy they were, I decided to save you an eyeball workout.
Maybe, for the next Friday the 13th, I'll bring some ideas back instead of waiting until next Halloween.

Which brings us current, right?
HI!! Happy Friggin' Middle of November!!
This part of the year shouldn't even have separate month names since now they're just referred to as The Holidays.
Sears started doing their Xmas layaway commercials on Reconsidering Columbus Day....even going so far as to mention "Santa" by name. bleh.
And now those stupid commercials have started singing at us while we're watching The Walking Dead.
Seriously, between that show and Dexter this season, I've had tv orgasms going for the past two weeks or so.
Have recently started watching Psych too which has given me fits of laughter.
Netflix is a beautiful thing.

ALSO, picked up Sims 3 on xbox360 and have lived/died through Dusty Bibles as a trial to get familiar with silly controls and limitations that are a little different than the mac/pc version.
Now, I'm working on a SheHulk character who is actually green, favorite color is purple, she's a genius, brave, athletic, and hot headed. She's a badass.

Last weekend, we attended Chrystal & Chad's lovely wedding.
It looked a lot like this:

This weekend, we're shippin' up to Boston for Matthew's birthday weekend - going with friends and meeting up with some folks we know up there. Good times are abound. We head out tomorrow so I'll be sure to update you on Monday how the trip went & share some of the deets.
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