Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday PostMexico Quickie

Last Thursday morning we left for a wedding being held in a town just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico. It was an amazing trip and a beautiful wedding. Pictures will be posted somewhere soon.
There are a few stories that I'll share later as well.
We got home last night at around midnight and, as you can imagine, it was incredibly difficult to climb out of bed this morning.
This week will leave us pretty whooped and we're not anticipating any rest over the weekend either.
Maybe on Sunday if we're lucky. Maybe.

Tonight, I think we're going to a late show at the Enzian to see this. Matt's been sucked into the book series and is super excited about it. You might remember, we went to see the first one a few months ago when it was playing and getting so much buzz.

Tomorrow night is the opening of The Geek Easy and they're also doing a book release party for the sequel to KickAss.

Wednesday night is Juliette Lewis downtown at BackBooth. We've missed her shows in the past for one reason or another so I'm really curious about this one since there's no mention of The Licks.
Wanna bet we've missed her crazy punk phase and are hitting her unplugged calmed down adult contemporary phase? Although, I doubt she'd be at BackBooth in that case.
I hope she kicks ass.

Thursday night is the screening party for the 48 hr Film Project that commenced over the weekend while we were in Mexico. Matthew & I will be playing the role of "photographers" for the event & snappin' photos of the folks participating & getting awards. We even get "CREW" shirts!

Friday night....WHAT? We don't have anything going on Friday? Maybe we'll get to unpack & get ready for Saturday.

Saturday is Chrystal's bridal shower followed by Pork Night at Anna's house.
We shall bring one of our 2 bottles of tequila we brought back from Mexico.
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