Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here's Your Sign

I've been stuck in the office for the past couple of weeks waiting on a new laptop to come in cuz my old one decided it didn't want to work anymore and IT wouldn't support it because it was 5+ yrs old and out of warranty.

Working from home has spoiled me, as naturally you would expect.

At home, I can have whatever music or movies I desire playing in the background without anyone asking me to turn it down or having to worry about any potential HR issues.

At the office, I wear headphones. The earbud kind.*
I've noticed that the headphones also help my concentration when working on whatever tedious project is on fire at the time.

The past couple of days, there have been visitors stopping by my desk to chat or just say hi, while said headphones are on.
These people have been talking at the back of my head & then, upon realizing there's a headphone thing going on, they then proceed to wave their hand in my face to get my attention so they can be heard.

So I've made this sign for folks approaching my cubicle with idle chatter:

I've stuck it up with a catbutt magnet set hairball magnet and included some fine print.
Every good sign has fine print.

*I don't like the word "earbud" so they're headphones. "Earbud" makes me think of "earwig" which makes me think of Wrath of Khan.
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