Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mexico - 8.19.2010

Thursday morning.
Matt & I woke up at about our normal during the week time - 5a.m.
Finished packing and got ready to go, remembering to leave the door open and a note for our neighbor who was takin' care of the cats while we were gone.
(Unfortunately, later realizing that I'd forgotten my 2nd pair of jeans to wear & my phone.)
Got to the airport, got our bag full of Matt's suits checked and we were on our happy way to grab something for breakfast, a couple of Capn Morgan's, and on the plane we went.
Stopped in Houston with a layover, grabbed lunch & beers, were almost late getting to our connecting flight because we lost track of time and don't wear watches, & I thanked the nice lady for the "you're late" lecture we got on our way down the gangplank.
2hrs later, we landed in Guadalajara, Mexico where we went through customs, got my passport stamped (they ended up only stamping mine for some reason - not Matt's) and pushed a button for random searches. We got a green light. Red light meant they went through all your luggage.
At first I thought the button was to open the door out to the terminal.
There was a fellow, Mario, standing with a sign reading "Jacquie Villa Wedding, Bienvenidos!" and we waited for the rest of our crew that had just landed right after us.

When they all got there, we found an ATM & beverages for the ride to the Hacienda.
$1800 pesos sounds like a lot coming from an ATM...but it ended being about $125 usd.
Matt picked up a huge bottle of Sol, I grabbed an Estrella tallboy, & the girls were all squealing about their Kosako vodka/tonics in a can.

Apparently, there aren't any open container laws in Mexico.
So about an hour later, we were at the Hacienda & poured ourselves out of the van and were immediately greeted by Jacquie & her family and shots of tequila fresh from an oak barrel in the lobby of the place.

After a bathroom stops, checking in, & shot refills, we went walking around the grounds to check things out.
There was a horse barn out back where we found Sean & Junior who were about to go for a ride but came back in after seeing our vans pull up.

We saw peacocks, a turkey, the tequila barn, big ass lime trees, papaya trees, a parrot in a big ass cage, Tracy on a wooden rocking horse, tiny peppers that Matt was tricked into eating....
It was absolutely beautiful.
Later, we found out that the place was a 300 yr old nunnery that they eventually turned into a resort/spa.

After the van drinks and the welcome shots and wandering around, it was nap time.
We rested up before attending dinner that night which was a buffet of seabass, beef tongue, mole` sauce, veggies and of course, margaritas.
Jacquie stopped by our table to say hi and said that if we had the chance we should wake up at 6 in the morning and look outside to see the mist/fog and said she'd been up that morning at 7:30 and saw it and it was "magical".
Then we all tried to figure out why we were supposed to wake up at 6 if the magical mist was there at 7:30.
Matt started showing signs of being completely worn out, so we headed up to bed for the night.
I think it was like 9:30.
Both of us slept through the night....fairly comfortably on the very firm nun beds.

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