Saturday, July 31, 2010

Best Hat In The Universe

One of my favorite movies is The Thing.
Wilford Brimley is the shit. My favorite line is at 2:01.

Kurt Russell plays Jack MacReady and wears the best hat in the whole world in the history of time that's ever been known to man.

In the following pictures I will show you proof.

Exhibit A-
Here is The Hat in it's first appearance in the movie:
Look, even his fellow actor is captivated by it's beauty and greatness. He can't stop staring at it. Even when they're clearly talkin' about some important shit in the sky.

Exhibit B-
Here is a scene that represents how mysterious The Hat can look.
And, as Matt pointed out, this also looks a lot like those plywood silhouette standup lawn ornament things you see in Amish country and out in the sticks.

Exhibit C-
There's an entire scene of some crap in a hole looking upon The Hat in total awe and worshipping it from below.

Exhibit D-
And here's one of The Hat about to get out of a helicopter. Being accessorized by some rad glacier glasses, a scarf, and Kurt Russell.

Do you need more proof?
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