Monday, December 1, 2008

A December Declaration

Thanksgiving just came and went. 5lbs came with it.
So, I'm coming up with a way to do a complete overhaul of myself.
Since drastic change is the only sort of change that really appeals to me, I would like to cut out the following things from my current routine:

1. Poor eating habits on the weekends. Just because its Saturday/Sunday - doesn't mean grease topped with cheese is ok.....with beer.
2. Lack of discipline in keeping up with my gym routine.
3. Weekend drinking. (especially when most 'weekends' start on Thursday and don't end until late Sunday night).
4. Inability to wake up early in the a.m.
5. Fat pants.
6. Beer.
7. Rum.
8. Bread....of any kind.
9. 4+ hrs of tv/movie watching.
10. Drunken munchies.

I will replace those with these:
1. Good eating habits on the weekends. Make better choices. Salads, chicken/fish, veggies, fruit. I like these things. Why don't I eat them more when they're NOT battered and deep fried. mmmmmmbatter and ...NO!! STOP!!
2. Go to the gym atleast 5 days a week. No. matter. what. Even if its 10pm. Our gym closes at 11pm for a reason.
3. Drink water...with a lemon in it, so people will think I'm drinking vodka and not just assume I'm pregnant.
4. Wake up at 6:30am every morning. Even on weekends. (this makes me cringe even just typing it out)
5. Clean out the closet.
6. Water
7. Water...maybe juice if I get a wild hair.
8. Veggies, nuts, and fruits. mmmmsweet potatoes just came to mind.
9. 4+ hrs of reading or doing something creative.
10. Sex....

I think those are pretty good trade-offs.
We'll see how it goes.
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