Monday, November 3, 2008


I posted a picture of my tickets for the New Kids Reunion Tour at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa when they came in back in July and had not much excitement about going since November 2nd seemed slightly far away at that point.
Back in the day, I was a Danny Wood girl - even though my friends called him "monkey face" - which was actually what appealed to me since I tend to be more attracted to cromagnon features. Licia was a huge Donnie Wahlberg fan. April loved her some Joey McIntyre. I think Licia's obsession with them lasted longer than me and April's did. My BOP and Tiger Beat pinups came down after about 6-8 months. I think April's were down maybe a year after they went up. Licia was still going to shows in 8th grade. She's hardcore.
When we heard about the reunion tour, I went ahead and grabbed tickets thinking it would be reminiscent dorkish fun. It was that but sooooo much more. It was truly an adventure.
A day before I'd printed out directions to the St. Pete Times Forum. Then left them at work. So printed out another set from home. Had those with us and ended up gabbing so much we missed our exit which didn't exist due to construction. After 2 turn arounds - we eyeballed our way to where we figured the Times Forum and got there quicker than if we'd followed the directions. So glad I printed them out.
After parking at an honor box, we wandered to a bar which was close by and FULL OF WOMEN. Total clam fest. There were leg warmers, crimped hair, big buttons, stupid glasses, the whole 9. I thought it was funny cuz weren't the New Kids big in the early 90'S?? Is the 80s style line blurred that much? Apparently. After a basket of fries, some cheese sticks, and 6 vodka & flat tonics - we headed over to the Forum.
We learned that when you laugh at someone's outfit they give you a dirty look. We also learned that if you have a purse with you that the stick lady has to go through, she gives you a dirty look, too. Not quite sure why that is.
We made it up to the turnstiles and they scanned out tickets and told us we had to go to the box office. I started to get a little miffed thinking there was something wrong - but then, while standing in that line, I was thinking, "oooo maybe Danny Wood saw the picture I tagged him in on MySpace and wants to hang out with us!!". It wasn't that, but our tickets got upgraded to a lower level because they'd used our area for a "Party Zone" which we were not invited to.
We grabbed a couple of beers and went to find out seats. The 2nd level bowl in the Forum can not be found on Floor 2. There is no floor 2. You have to go to Floor 4 to find seats in the 200 sections. When we did find out seats, they were the very front row of the upper level. It was a fantastic view!
Natasha Bettingfield (she did that Book song and that I love you I love you I love you I love you song) opened for them. She did ok - for a girl singin' to a bunch of girls. Frumpy dress, but who cares when you're singin' to girls? Every time she said, "New Kids" there were squealing screams. Screaming rules.
When she was done we had to get new beers. The beer on the 4th Floor - level 2 aren't as big as the beers on the lobby level - which was disappointing. Beer tastes better when its big.
The guys came out on stage with big puffs of smoke around them and started singin' all the old stuff. The songs are still really gay - but they nailed all the notes and the moves and they're pushin' 40!! At one point they disappeared from the main stage and reappeared in the back of the crowd on a rotating stage with a piano and a girl with stretchy gold lame pants on. She had a bubble butt and danced on the piano while the guys did their thing. I think it was Jordan playing the piano. Then they ran back to the main stage after a couple of songs and did more stuff up there. They had this thing where the big screens took a still of them posing and Joey was doggin' himself for making his head look like it had disappeared. That was pretty damn funny. For the encore the screen showed a bunch of Boston sports team logos and the intro to "Shippin' up to Boston" by DKM started playing. Jumping ensued. When I told Matt about that he was completely shocked and a friend of his said that "NKOTB is to DKM as Israel is to Palestine". I was like - ya never know, they might be friends. Doesn't everyone from Boston know each other? So the fellas came back out for Hangin' Tough and Danny was break dancin' and Donnie did Cover Girl and Jordan did some high pitched song and then that solo song he did where he was at a carnival in the video (I like that song) and Joey did some other high pitched song and Jonathan sold real estate. They waved goodnight/thank you at everyone and that was pretty much it. GOOD NIGHT TAMPA!!!
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