Saturday, April 27, 2013

This Morning (in highlights) Before 10am

I roll over in bed with Snoop at my side and lazily open my eyes.
Matthew comes out of the bathroom and says, "you look pretty in that light."
I say, "you should take a picture so you can remember it for the rest of your life."
He leans over to kiss me and says, "I've taken a mental note."

I say, "Let's go swimming!!"
Then I say, "Let's have pancakes!!"
He says, "There's a lot goin' on there..."
I say, "Always."

I put my swimsuit on and pick up the painted horse head mask.
I go downstairs & put the horse head mask on and stand outside the bathroom door.
Matthew comes out and sees me standing there and does not appear alarmed in any way.
Scare failure.

I dance in the kitchen & we talk about Epcot.
He tells me to keep dancing.
I stop and tell him he can't tell me what to do.
He starts dancing in the kitchen.
Dance monkey win.

I show him that if I place my hands on either side of the bottom half of my racerback swimsuit & push down, it's an easy moon.
He makes a noise of agreement and upon seeing the following wedgie I give myself, says that I look like an olympian.
I give myself a wedgie again and look in the mirror.

I say, "I'm in a weird silly mood..." and start thinkin' about a movie I saw yesterday.
The Last Word.
Ray Romano's in it and one of his character's stress therapy/issue management outlets is to hang out in the park and wait for a mother & child.  He walks up behind them and makes a scary face at the baby, without the mother knowing, so that the baby starts crying.
I tell Matt about the flick and describe this whole scene.
I tell him that the reason I'm telling him all of this is because I'm thinkin' about scaring babies at Epcot today.
He's very supportive.

He comes upstairs to tell me he's leaving for the gym.
I give him departure kisses and start fidgeting with my swimsuit again.
I pick up my boobs because they're being smashed flat in the sporty suit.
I start moving them around underneath the suit fabric and say, "It's a puppet show" and laugh at myself.
He laughs and says, "You're so weird." and goes downstairs.
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