Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Progress

I'm down 5lbs.
I haven't created anything in the past 5 days. Shame on me.
OH!! I did create a crater in the couch with my ass from playing hours of 360 this past weekend. Lego Batman and Left 4 Dead are the shit.
Tonight after the gym, I'm gonna hibernate in my room and do something productive. With good music. Maybe it'll be a Miles night. Or maybe Willie will hook me up with some new stuff to inspire my creative flow.
I bought a new camera with Xmas money. A Rebel XS (black cuz it was cheaper than silver). It should be in this week. Hopefully before our NYC trip this weekend. Photo safari!!!

Progress Synopsis:

1. Create: 0

2. Health: -5lbs

3. Money: 0

4. Travel: NYC trip booked

5. Beach: 0

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