Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Poetry - Femme Fatale

The assignment was to write a haiku, a sonnet, and something in open form. I've never been a huge fan of writing poetry because I never thought I was very good at it, but really grew to appreciate it after this assignment. My sonnet is a bit of a stumble but the requirements are all there. I was inspired by Patrick Nagel and Velvet Underground this particular night while doing homework.


She wore her heels high
But made no sound while walking
'Til it was too late


They walked together having found true love
A close step behind, followed his best friend
He dreamt of cupping her supple rear end
And eyed those pants that fit her like a glove
A young beauty, wearing severe high heels
Yellow hair and bright blood red on her lips
Twisted triangle of relationships
A vixen in slinky smooth fabric peels
She was aware of her affect on him
The moves she made calculated, precise
They were caught one time, their whispers concise
The secrets they shared, founded on a whim
A call too close, the decision was made
To save her love, his friend's light had to fade

-Open Form-

She spritzed on her perfume
Lined her eyes with black
And slicked on some red
Shiny lacquered nails
Two stabs through her earlobes
Glimmered and dazzled
Her foot fall echoed and sharp

A match struck
The wisp of sulfur
The taste of tobacco and cloves mixed with gin and tonic
A charming laugh tinkling like ice in a glass after a delightful compliment
Pop culture filled polite conversation merged into backgrounds and upbringings and stifled vitriol
A lovely evening then soured, rotted, and ruined by shallow snobbery
Ignorant, arrogant, and rude

Quick sharp echoing steps
A frenzied retreat through black moving shadows and white steaming sidewalks
The silent transition
Between hunter and prey
He'd started the night as the hunter.
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