Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reptiles Live Among Us -or- A Very Special Episode of YouTubesday

Matthew and I used to watch Morning Joe before we gave up The Cable and before Mika B. got on my fucking nerves.*  Andrew Sorkin would occasionally show up and I'd always yell "AAAAHHHHH!!! LOOK AT HIS LIZARD EYE!!"
That happened years ago and just this week, for whatever reason, I stumbled across this crazy ass video:

And I started reading the comments and was fascinated so I clicked on this video:

And I started reading those comments and clicking on more videos with weird music and crazy people and trolls going nuts in comments sections.
Apparently Rihanna's one, too.  Which makes sense.  I mean, how else can you explain Chris Brown??
I bet there will be video of Miley Cyrus showing up soon enough.
Of course I ran over to wiki Reptilian Shape Shifters and I'm learning all about David Icke.
And now I wanna get these.
*yes, there was actually a time when she got some cool points from me.

*UPDATE!!* Here's some VICE for you, too!!

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