Saturday, June 22, 2013

That One Time I Was In The Jury Pool For The Zimmerman Trial Pt. 2

Here's what I wrote on days 2, 3, & 4 of my jury selection pool stint.
I also did a lot of reading.

Jury Pool room again. At the end of the first day, the judge & lawyers came back in and told some of us that we were excused and the rest had to come in on Thursday. I don't feel like I'll get picked for this. Everyone is excited for me and a few have mentioned getting book deals out of it. I think they're getting a little ahead of themselves. There are some folks in here from Tuesday. Guess where they're sitting? Yep, same spots. The Talkative Pair are back at it. There's a fella behind me that has a boisterous voice and another they referred to as "Chicken Man". I moved to a comfy corner but the sun is shining through the blinds and glaring my ipad. The Talkative Pair are eerily quiet this a.m. I wonder if they ran out of things to talk about. Kinda nice. Will probably change later in the day.
Probably about 100 people in here today and they took about 11 folks up 20mins ago. They were E people. Matt told me they were live streaming the jury selection. So now it makes more sense why I saw comments and juror #s mentioned in an article I read on Monday.
There's an annoying kid who talks too much cuz he thinks he's funny. I'd give him a funny ratio of 1:5. He said one thing that I laughed at for the 5 jokes me made that he laughed at. He's a 1st timer, too. A few in here. Oh! The judge, last night, said, "ORIENTATED". FL's finest. I also just heard, "I like movies. I watch them all the time." Oh, really? You don't say?

They dismissed us yesterday shortly after we came back from lunch. And so here I sit again on my own. Been such a weird week, but in a good way.
They wheeled some older gent (I believe he was in the E group) off on a stretcher. Paramedics had him in the refreshments room. I didn't even see when I came in. He went out red-faced and smiling so at least he's OK. They were making "way to get out of jury duty" jokes and something about blaming it on the coffee machine. The groups they just took, 2 groups of 12, were mostly women. I think one or 2 gents in each. There are about 30 folks left in here now. Most of the annoying people are gone. No Talkative Pair, no Kid Who Thinks He's Funny, no Sleeping Mouth Breathing Teen. It's very quiet in here today. The Chicken Man is here but not his radio voiced buddy. The older black gent that came in on Tuesday in a fly ass suit is looking more casual today.
The sun is shining through the window and blinds and casting a shadow that looks like a cross. I bet that's on purpose. As soon as I wrote that, a cloud made the cross shadow disappear.
And now it's back.

4th day in this room.
They got pretty clandestine on Friday. Taking us down long hallways and up/down elevators and dodging common areas. We went into the courtroom & they checked us out again and told us to come back on Monday. Friday was a freakin' short day. We were in and out in 2hrs. Today's been more waiting. There are about 40 people in here. One jury got picked for a different trial going on and they dismissed everyone else. I still don't think I'll get picked. Doesn't feel like it. Feels like we're the emergency backup crew in case the people they've chosen fuck it up. My handwriting is weird today. Keeps changing sizes.
More people were just dismissed.
I'm still here.
It's gotten cold in here with no bodies to radiate heat.
The deputies were just arguing about who was going to make coffee in the morning. Cute. Now they're weighing the differences between men & women.
Long day to be waiting with no sign of anything.
Got a lot of reading done.

And that was it.
The following couple of days, I was instructed to be on 'standby' and call every evening after 6pm for instructions. Those instructions excused me on the 2nd day of standby.
So, I thought I'd share my oh-so-riveting experience of how I almost got picked for a high profile local trial.

The End.

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