Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Played Hookie

Took a day off last week and went to New Smyrna Beach with Pannacakes.
First stop was to Beachside Tavern for a drink or two.
Followed by a drive down to Turtle Mound where we saw this stuff:

 There were all these little pale yellow/white butterflies everyfreakin'where.

 More of those butterflies and the moon sliver.

There's a crab in there peakin' out.  Was only able to see that little bit of him.

After we hung out there and scoped out fishing spots and tried to find the camping spots, we headed back to Chase's for lunch and rum buckets.  Their fish fingers & blackened tuna tips were killer.  The umbrella was broken so my shoulders got some color and Pannacake's back sizzled.
We left there for another quick margarita back at Beachside before calling it a day.  There was a dude playin' a guitar and some other dude with a harmonica (the guitar dude had never met before) jumped up on stage and started playing along.
The guitar kid was cute and had floppy curls and we girl giggled with Chantelle the bartender when he called her "darlin'".

After naps and showers, we ended up going back out with the menfolk and sang karaoke over at the scary Cheers until about 1a.m.  Pannacakes lost her voice & J did a lot of Beevis/Butthead dancing.  Matthew wore his kilt and sang backup for me on "Man In A Box".
Was a damn good hookie day.
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