Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 KM Photo Project #3

There's absolutely no rhyme or reason for picking these ideas.  Although, now that I think about it, we should've had some rhyme in there.  Maybe for next year's.
For this month, we did SUGARSKULLS!!

Here's Marty's:
Martha's note: 
So here it is, my sugarskull.  To be honest, I felt I looked more like an evil clown than a decorative skull commemorating the Day of the Dead.  I used talcom powder to make my face a little lighter and an old black Halloween grease pen for the nose and eyes which turned out to be runny and too shiny.  I ran out of black eye liner so my high contrast fine line details were pretty limited. I compensated by finishing off the look with body jewels.  That's right....I vajazzled my face.*  Hey, Tom's been gone for 2 months, its not like they were getting used.  Heh....jewels.  Anyway, I wish I had a decent camera.  I'd like this to be less of a hipstamatic photo project, but for now it'll just have to do.  Side note: How traumatic would it have been to wake up my kids with this make up on? time.

Here's mine:

My note:
Drawing on your face with eyeliners and lip pencils is a little more difficult than I'd thought.  My nose itches.  Wish I could've found some orange pencils.  Thank you, black lipstick.  
I can't wait to wash my face.
Also, my eyebrows are still ridiculous.

*The body jewels mentioned were a Xmas present from Matthew due to a facebook conversation where Martha said she hadn't heard of vajazzling before.
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