Monday, April 19, 2010

or maybe I will right now...don't tell me what to do

Did you know that was going to happen? Were you predicting my unpredictability?
"wah, I don't want to blog, wah" and then....bliggity BLAM in your friggity FACE with a bliggity BLOG!!

awdamn - that was two bliggities.

The recent spring weather and spring cleaning and pollen and rain showers and general springtime springiness has brought forth in me a desire to do new things...impulsively.

So we're going to Amsterdam.
For my birthday next month.

Some friends of ours were telling us about their month long overseas vacation coming up and that they were spending part of it in Amsterdam and "hey, how cool would it be if you guys came..." and so we agreed.
Its something Matt and I have always talked about doing.
So now we're gonna fucking do it.

So Gangsta.

What have I been doing lately?
Day job crap mostly - except I took a couple days off to go to the beach and be lazy. That was nice.
Been cleaning....cuz its spring and that's what you do when its spring and everything inside your house is covered in green dust because of the friggin pollen outside that's blowing around in those awesome breezes that are flowing through our house with all the doors and windows open because we want to take advantage of it for as long as we can before having to turn on the a/c for the next 6 months.

And drinking a shit ton of cider.
Its been an all month long thing. DAMN that shit is good.
I mean, I've had it before and all....but its never been this consistent of a phase.

Here are my current faves:

1. JK's Scrumpy Hard Cider
2. Strongbow (currently the weekend standby)
3. Magners
4. Hornsby's
4. Whatever else is around and made of apples that has an alcohol content.

My other favorite thing to drink right now is Left Hand Milk Stout. I consider this to be a suitable substitution for coffee (on the weekends....shut up...I'm being responsible....don't judge me, Judgy Judgington).

And water.....lots and lots of water.*

*included in case my trainer reads this.**
**no, really, I've had like 2 liters of water today (which makes me have to pee in the middle of the night).
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