Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thxgvg Dinner

...consisted of the following:

1. Sweet Potato Flan w/Cranberry Syrup
2. Pumpkin Fry Bread
3. Turkey roasted with lime, orange, & cilantro
4. Roasted red/orange/yellow/green bell peppers
5. hash brown potatoes
6. Cranberry Salsa

Matt also made some roasted punkin seeds.
There was bread pudding with rum sauce & lemon icebox pie for dessert.
We went with a 'mexican' style dinner, everything fresh and from scratch - light on leftovers and nothing super heavy so make you feel guilty the next day.
It was some damn good stuff.
Made me thankful for food.

There were some pics taken while we were making it, but we forgot to take any after it was all put together and done. CUZ THEN WE ATE IT!!
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